Looking for an incentive to Lose Weight?
It has not been a secret that our schools are struggling with their budgets. With so many cuts in federal and state funding, along with continued contract obligations, our kids are the ones who are paying the price.  

Whole Kids Education Foundation, paves the way in assisting our schools by creating funding efforts to Support Educational Programs for our Children with an emphasis devoted to healthy living, creative development, and a sustainable community supported lifestyle.

Denice Davis, founder of Whole Kids, was chosen as one of six participants in the country to be a contributing member of the Local Wellness Policy Focus Group for the CDC, USDA and US Dept. of Education earlier this year. “The team focused on the children in America and how we can develop policy to encourage healthier kids – sadly, one out of every three children in America today are overweight” said Davis.

As children are conditioned by society, we are encouraging our entire community to take a stand, get involved, and get fit for a cause. As such, WKEF introduces its “Pounds for Pupils” program.  
In a community supported platform, participants will shed the weight to raise money for their program of choice in the Warwick Valley area. Participants will be asked to choose from a variety of safe, proven weight loss options and fitness programs. Proceeds from the event will be donated to various schools and organizations for programs that elevate health and wellness for our children, upon the completion of this three month long event.  

Enrollment in the event is restricted to those 21 years of age and older. It is strongly advised that one consult with their physician before starting any weight loss and/or physical fitness regimen. “We also want to make this fun. Most people see getting healthy as a chore or something difficult and uncomfortable. We want to make sure that each person has a coach, trainer or support system to ensure their success. Knowing that many people are working towards the same goal gives us the confidence and motivation that we need. Also, having great prizes and community accountability doesn’t hurt either!” says Davis.  

Our greatest supporter to date, Dr. Francis Winski, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with 20 years experience, located in Goshen, NY has generously donated a body contouring procedure to our grand prize winner.

Online registration is now open for anyone interested in taking part by losing it because you care. Like us on Facebook for up to date information.

Whole Kids is challenging the community of The Warwick Valley to take a stand, get involved and 
get fit for a cause!

Let's set an example for our Children, our Community, our Nation.  We are a small town with BIG Ideas.

Online Registration is Now Open 

You MUST be 21 years of age or older to participate
LIABILITY WAIVER for Participants
We are interested in giving people a reason to get fit now, rather than waiting to set their sights on New Years’ Resolutions that tend to fail after the second week of January – by then, our participants will feel great and motivated to continue their healthy lifestyles well into 2013 and beyond.

A program such as this allows our children to see the importance of being healthy on a grand scale.
67% of the US population is overweight/obese and that number is expected to rise to 80% by the year 2030. In the US, one out of every three children is overweight (although I believe in our community it is less). Unless we all work together to create an immediate solution, our children are expected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This has never been the case in American history before.

We hope that you will join us in our efforts to eradicate obesity and get our communities healthy!